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Commander Catalina Torres

Name Catalina Torres

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Catalina is in excellent shape. She has dark hair and tan skin. She has no tattoos or piercings and is of average height. She carries herself with confidence.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Juan Torres
Mother Natalia
Brother(s) Antony, Eduardo, Esteban
Sister(s) none
Other Family many

Personality & Traits

General Overview VIctoria is serious minded with a hint of determination. She has worked hard to be the professional person she feels she needs to be to be an effective first officer. Rarely, if ever does anyone see the real her. She can come across as aloof at times.
Strengths & Weaknesses Catalina is consistent and strong minded. She thinks and reacts quickly in stressful situations. She has a calm nature and doesn't react with anger or frustration.

Catalina is cynical and underneath the facade she puts out is a friendly and daring person struggling to come out.
Ambitions Does anyone have just one? Catalina wants to climb up in rank but she also wants to rid them of the bad seeds that are giving them all a bad name in Delta Force
Hobbies & Interests Catalina reads old mystery novels. she loves watching movies and taking walks on the beach or listening to music.

Personal History Personal Relationships:

Luise Olvera
Catalina dated Dominic Olvera all through high school. Though she enjoyed his company and spending time with him, Catalina knew that they didn't have the love needed to get serious, nor did she want to get married. She had plans of her own. It was at her graduation party that Luise proposed to her. Catalina was nervous and didn't want to embarrass him so she said yes. It wasn't until a year later that she broke off the engagement, much to the disappointment of both their families. Catalina still feels guilty that Luise was broken hearted. She vowed to steer away fro relationships after that, focusing on her career instead.

Early Years:
Catalina was born on Earth, her mother owned a restaurant/bakery and her father worked as a lawyer. Catalina loved a particular Mexican bread called Concha and she often conned one of her brothers into grabbing her one when her mother wasn't watching.

When Catalina played with her cousins as a child, they all wanted to grow up and marry their handsome princes and have babies, but not Catalina. She loved computers and had dreams of doing something in that area of expertise.

Teen Years:
The Torres Children all worked in their mother's restaurant. Catalina started out in the kitchen, then cleaned tables and waited on them. Eventually she started helping her mother with her accounting on the computer. Catalina took courses in school that would help her towards a career that would take her out into the stars and away from home. She loved her family but she wanted more. Soon, she watched both of her brothers head of to Delta Force Academy.

Delta Force Academy
After graduation, Catalina was determined to go to the academy and signed up to serve in operations. Luise, her fiance was opposed to it but finally gave in. Catalilna knew he thought she would fail and come running back home to him but he did not know the determination she had to succeed. Catalina wanted to fulfill her dreams and she wasn't letting anyone stand in her way.
A year into the academy, Luise came to visit her and Catalina broke off their engagement. Guilt ate at her, Luise had been so despondent that Catalina started slipping in her classes and came close to failing. It was a wake up call from one of her instructors about being professional and not allowing her personal feelings to get in the way of her career that started Catalina's change. She worked hard and shut off that side of her. Soon she was doing well and by the time she finished she was in the upper portion of her class.

DFS Sequoia
Catalina first served on the Sequoia and knew from the first day that this was what she wanted to do. While others were making friends on their off duty time, she pushed herself, wanting to be the one that her superiors looked to for advancement. She made good decisions and after a year of serving there had advanced in her position, by the time she left the Sequoia four years later she had advanced to assistant and was being transferred to the DFSaugatuck as Operations Chief.

DFS Saugatuck
Catalina was a natural as a department head. She ran her department efficiently and those under her knew she had high expectations. Catalina made the decision to study and take the tests to move into a command position. As with everything else she did well, eve was accepted to a position as soon as one opened. However, she was warned that to be a good leader you need compassion and a connection with the crew. Catalina continues to struggle with this aspect of her personality.

DFS Cydonia
Catalina was promoted and assigned to the USS Cydonia. She worked diligently to be a part of the crew and to ensure that their mission did not fail. She had learned much in her years leading up to command and worked hard to that command would see her worth.

DFS Phoenix
It was after the Battle of Altair VI that Catalina was finally given her promotion to command. She was selected to serve under Captain Alison Thornhill.
Service Record 4566-Present
DFS Phoenix
Executive Officer
DFS Cydonia
Second officer
DFS Saugatuck
Operations Chief

DFS Sequoia
Assistant Operations Chief

DFS Academy
Operations Division