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Lieutenant Gavin Anderson

Name Gavin Anderson

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Gavin is well built. He is of average height and has fair skin. He has a tattoo on his left shoulder but no piercings or other markings.


Spouse Dating Alison Thornhill
Children Unkown name, age 3
Father RIchard Martin Anderson
Mother Brandy Sue Anderson
Brother(s) Joel Madison Anderson
Gavin and Joel were close growing up. He is currrently 34 years of age. Joel is married and has three children. He is a lawyer and lives on Earth.
Sister(s) Shelia Bryn Anderson
Gavin and Shelia were never really that close growing up. She was always self centered and spoiled, thinking only of herself. Gavin learned quickly that she would walk over anyone, including her family to obtain her goals. They have no connection and have not spoken in years. .

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gavin is a complex person. When he is in full blown security mode he is close mouthed and serious, focusing on the job, determined to do whatever he has to, to keep them safe.

When he is relaxing, at a party or with his girlfriend Alison and their child he is friendly and outgoing. He likes studying people and is never the center of attention at a party but those around him feel his conficence and presence
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
There is none more loyal than Gavin. His family comes first with him and then his duty. He will do whatever he has to do keep them and those they work/live with safe.
Gavin is also very brave, the first to volunteer when no one wants to handle a situation which can seem dangerous or impossible.
He is also Strong willed and confident in himself.

Gavin can be blunt at times to the point where he is too negative and may give out more information than is necessary. He also can be very sneaky which can be a weakness and a strength.
Ambitions Gavin wants a universe where he and his family can live in peace. He has concern over his and Alison's child's future and works hard to make it a better place.
Hobbies & Interests Gavin likes to binge watch movie and old shows, he spends time keeping himself fit. He likes to play games of strategy. He doesn't drink much at all and avoids loud boisterous parties where the goal is to get drunk or act stupid.

Personal History Relationships:

Alison Thornhill

Gavin is currently in a serious relationship with Alison. He has accepted that she is the love of his life and though he would like to marry her he knows that is not something Alison desires,. In truth, he feels that being married is simply a document which does not have any baring on their love for each other.

Katrina Finch

Gavin dated Katrina while in high school but after they graduated he broke it off as he realized they didn't want the same things out of life. It was a messy breakup which just confirmed what Gavin knew, that the relationship was toxic for him.

Early Years:

Gavin was born on a private ship owned by his father and two of his uncles. His birthdate is August 2, 3534. Gavin, along with Joel were trained by their father at an early age to help on the ship where ever it was needed. There family business was to relieve freighters and anyone they could of their valuables to make a living. His mother and younger sister lived on a planet in the outer rim, where they would stop and visit when they weren't looting.

Joel and Gavin didn't think much about what they were doing, whether it was right or wrong, it was the way they made their living. It was during this time that Gavin started having a fascination with knives and weapons. He wanted to be able to defend himself as there were many close calls.

Teenage Years:

Gavin's parents loved each other but they were famous for their fighting. it was when Gavin was in his early teens that his mother refused to allow him and Joel to go out with them anymore. She had started her own restaurant and wanted them to have a normal life. Gavin's parents agreed that he and Joel would stay home and that their father would make this his final run. When their father left, it was the last time Gavin saw him. Finally the news came back that his father, uncles and all on board had been found brutally murdered.
Gavin became angry and got in fights. He resented his mother for a time, blaming her for the death of his father. Finally the reality set in that had he and Joel been with him, they both would more than likely be dead as well. This caused Gavin to decide that he would be the best at protecting what was his.

Delta Force Academy:

Gavin joined the academy for several reasons. He wanted to train to become the best security officer he could be, to learn to defend those around him and he wanted distance between him and his mother and sister. He still blamed her for the death of his father and he could not stomach being around his bitch of a sister. There was a piece of him, deep inside, that once thought about taking her out.

Gavin worked hard to become a good security officer. His training when he was younger helped him to work hard, train hard. He completed his training but was warned that he needed to learn to control his anger or it would cause him issues in the future.

DFS Hitachi

Gavin was assigned to the DFS Hitachi in 4556. He worked hard and impressed those around him. It took him a lot of strength but he learned to control his temper and finally let go of his anger over his father's death. Gavin finally resolved it and moved on. It was while he was serving there that he met Alison and Gable. They would become fast friends, eventually, he would become romantically involved with Alison. Gavin

Gavin saw a lot of action, death and destruction during the war of 4562. He still has nightmares on occasion about their ship being attacked and having to escape with Gable and Alison and leave their people behind. It went against his loyalty but he knew it was a part of war.

Life on the Rim:

Gavin was seriously involved with Alison when she decided to leave Delta Forces and he made the decision to go with her. It was true that her being pregnant played a part in his decision but the major part was he didn't want to live without her. She was the love of his life and where she went, he would and he didn't give a damn what anyone thought of him.
Gavin believes the greatest day of his life was when their baby girl was born in 4563. He thought it was even more special that it was on Alison's home world and that her father and his wife were there as well. Gavin has a good relationship with Alison's family, with the exception of her mother. He has ever met her nor does he want to know her. Alison's explanations were good enough for him. Gavin worked along side Alison as her weapons person when she worked as a privateer.

DFS Phoenix:
After Gavin and Alison's friend Gable was killed, Alison kept a promise to him and returned to Delta Force. It was because of Alison's mother that he was reinstated and is currently serving as security chief on the DFS Phoenix.