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Captain Alison Thornhill

Name Alison Mary Thornhill

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vega Sigma 5 Humaniod
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6 Feet
Weight 120 Pounds
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Physically, Alison is in good shape. She is average-height with olive skin, brown hair and green eyes. She has no tattoos, but she does have a few scars on her body, to remind her of her time in the outer rim.


Spouse Dating Gavin Anderson
Children Unknown Name, Age 3
Father Viggo Tyrell Thornhill
Mother Kristina Carmen Thornhill (Gutierrez)
Brother(s) Sean Marcos Thornhill
Sean is Alison’s half brother and the oldest of her half siblings. He is currently 26 years old. He was born on March 10, 4540. Alison adores her younger sibling. They have a pretty relationship. Sean is a computer specialist for the colony.

Douglas MartinThornhill
Doug or Dougy as Alison calls him just turned 21. He was born on November 15, 4545. He is Alison’s half brother. They keep in contact on regular basis. He is a Chef, and does a lot of work with Privateers. He is an independent contractor chef.
Sister(s) Piper Elisa Thornhill
Piper always looked up to her older half sister, she idolized her and wanted to become a privateer like Alison. But Alison would not hear of it. Piper’s soul was to pure to be a privateer. Piper is currently 24 years old and works as a legal secretary for her fathers law firm.

Courtney Autumn Thornhill
Courtney is the baby of the family. She is the youngest of the half siblings. She is 18 years old, and completing high school. She is seriously considering joining the Delta Force or Starfleet. She hates the way her colony is being treated. Courtney gets a long with Alison most of the time. Alison wish she was not so vocal, her mouth got her in a lot of trouble. The sad part, she did not know how to back up that mouth of hers.
Other Family Mary Jo Kilgore (Thornhill)
Mary is the biological mother of Alison Thornhill. Mary was Born on April 12, 4513. Mary and Alison do not have a good relationship at all. When Alison was three, Mary walked out of her life and put her career with Delta Force a priority. Mary wanted Viggo and Alison to go with her. She wanted to put her career ahead of her family.

Viggo did not want to leave, he was helping his colony get recognized. He pleaded with Mary to stay, but she wanted to be an Admiral some day, and she had no desire to leave Delta Force. She told Viggo if he did not want to go, then he would have to raise Alison, because she could not afford the distraction of raising a little girl.

Currently Mary is a sector commander with the DFS. Her relationship with Alison is best described as estranged. And Mary has no interest in salvaging the relationship. She did not regret her decision to put her career first. From her eyes, family would understand her decision and respect it.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alison is a 30-year-old privateer living on the outer rim of the known universe. When Delta Force approached her. They enlisted her into their ranks, and gave her command of the DFS Phoenix.

She enjoys piloting fast ships, stealing treasures from raiders and other bad people. She likes to think of herself as the law in the outer rim, since no one else will. Alison has grown a bit of a reputation in the rim, and is a wanted girl, by the her fellow privateers. She has a reputation of getting the job done first. Her ship the “Caldora” named after fallen guild.

When she is not picking fights, with local privateers she loves to play golf, watch movies, and most of the time she is pretty friendly and exciting to be around. She also loves to cook, especially baking. She also goes to church, when she is back home. But she has made it clear, that her ship is her first priority.

Alison does not really like the bar scene. She can never let her guard down enough to drink. She is always looking over her shoulder to see, who is trying to steal her ship, and her job. Despite the constant fears of her profession, Alsion is very friendly and exciting to be around.Alison can also be very standoffish and a bit selfish. She is allergic to nickel.
Strengths & Weaknesses Alison’s most positive characteristics would be classified as friendly and exciting. She believes treating others they way you wanted to be treated. But she is very street smart, and knows that her fellow privateers would not hesitate to steal her ship and her jobs.

Some negative characteristics that could describe Alison would be, that she is a bit standoffish when it comes to making changes in her life. Or when it comes to the Caldora. From time to time Alsion has been known to be a bit selfish at times, especially when it comes to the safety of her family over her profession. There is nothing that she would not do for them.

There was once and incident that the Caldora was pulled off her mission to rescue her boyfriend and daughter from a rival privateer. The crew was very upset, because they wanted the big payday. And they offered to buy her families freedom.

Alison would not hear of it, no one would kidnap her family. She tracked down the privateers, and raided their ship, making up for the loss of wages for her crew, and stripped the privateer ship down to its frame, to teach them a lesson about messing with her family.

Alison has a moral compass, and will often follow it. In her line of work, being a privateer would mean that your moral compass might have to be flexible. Alison refused to bend on her moral and personal beliefs. Despite this drawback, Alison for the most part is classified as a stable person, in the eyes of the DFS. She is loyal to a fault, despite being selfish at times. She is very generous to those she works with and loves.

Despite the constant fears of her profession, Alison is very friendly and exciting to be around.Alison can also be very standoffish and a bit selfish. She is allergic to nickel.
Ambitions To live in a universe, without war and violence.
Hobbies & Interests When she is not picking fights, with local privateers she loves to play golf, watch movies, and most of the time she is pretty friendly and exciting to be around. She also loves to cook, especially baking. She also goes to church, when she is back home. But she has made it clear, that her ship is her first priority.

Alison does not really like the bar scene. She can never let her guard down enough to drink. She is always looking over her shoulder to see, who is trying to steal her ship, and her job.

Personal History Relationship Partners

Gavin Anderson
Gavin and Alison are in a long term committed relationship. Despite not wanting to marry him, Alison loves Gavin very much. They have a child together. It is unclear, when she started to date him. But they are inseparable.

Jean Harley Davis
Jean and Alison dated, when she attended high school on her colony homeworld. They really liked each other. Jean was her first boyfriend, but over time they grew apart. She showed interest in joining the privateers guild. She wanted a faster life, and Jean wanted to live a safe lifestyle.

Alison broke off their relationship in the Summer of 4552. She wanted to live the glamour lifestyle of being a privateer. A fact that she kept secret from her family, until she completed high school.
Jean graduated high school and become a novelist. Alison has lost touch with Jean.

Lance Brian Patel
Lance and Alison started to date shortly after she broke up with Jean Davis. He was part of the Caldora’s Guild. Alison took a liking to him. They started to date. Alison’s step mother Kristina blamed Lance for Alison’s decision to join the Caldora’s Guild.

Alison did not join the guild because of Lance. He was just a perk. Alison dated him until his death, when her whole was killed in the Summer of 4554. She was not with the guild, because she was at a high school graduation after party with her family.


Early years
Alison was born in the Outer Rim, in the Vega Sigma 5 Colony. Her birthdate is September 2, 4536. At young age, her mother Lieutenant Junior Grade Mary Kilgore was assigned to the area as a young tactical officer, serving on the DFS Yorktown.

Alison mom left when she was three years old when her mother was reassigned, with the USS Yorktown. They had orders to head back to Earth. Her Father Viggo Thornhill, had made a home for Alison and Mary, but Mary was more focused on her career. She was also concerned that a child would slow down her career path.

Mary left Alison in the care of her father. This angered him, and it really hurt Alison. She grew up without her mother. Her father remarried, a few years later and her step mother raised her like she was her very own daughter. At first Alison was hesitant to her step mom, thinking her mom would come back, but she never did. She started to appreciate Kristina more and mother, and by her eighth birthday, started to call her mother. Which was not easy for her, since she knew her biological mother was not going to return.
Teenage Years
There was so much crime and corruption in the rim. Despite his best efforts, Alison became a privateer, at the age of 16. For the next two years, she joined the Caldora Guild, and during a raid, her entire clan was wiped out just before her 18th birthday. She vowed vengeance, and joined Delta Force against the wishes of her father.

Alison was suffering from PTSD and did her best to hide it. She managed to pass the review board, the background check and enlisted in Delta Force, despite her father’s negative endorsement. This put a strain on their relationship. He knew she wanted to join, to get vengeance for her fallen friends.

Which was strange, because she could be the sweetest girl you met face to face, but her behind the wheel of a ship, and she could do some serious damage. Alison was looking for payback, for what happened to the guild mates. She wanted revenge.

Her father had a personal beef with them, for taking his wife away from him, and forcing him to raise little Alison on his own. Now she was all grown up, and they wanted to take his daughter. That was not going to be allowed.
Delta Force Academy
Alison joined the academy with a chip on her shoulder, during her time with the Caldora Guild, she gained a reputation of being an exceptional pilot, so it was a no brainer for her to enroll into flight operations.

Alison did well in her studies, she was not the only certified pilot they had attending the academy during her time at the academy. There were three other ace pilots that made life fun and a little wild. They all competed for the top spot. Sadly Alison did not get it, she blamed her instructor for his biased opinion on her previous line of employment. And how it clouded his mind.

Alison graduated the academy after four years, placing third in her class. She knew she should have been first. She blamed her instructor for penalizing her, because of her ties to the Caldora Guild which is now extinct. She was still coping with the PTSD of that event.

Alison did her best to hide her PTSD, but it became clear during her piloting test, when she flew more aggressively than her counterparts. Her instructor did not hold her back because of her ties to the Caldora Guild, like Alison believed they did, because they all agreed she was a loose cannon. They passed her, but put a note on her file, explaining to her next CO she needed to be observed, and probably seek therapy.
Alison was furious at her instructors. They were sabotaging her career before it began. She knew she had to prove herself, and show them they were wrong.
DFS Hitachi
Alison was assigned to the Hitachi as a small craft pilot in 4558. When she got there she was ordered by Captain Torga, the captain of the Hitachi, to attend the recommended therapy courses, as suggested by her instructors at the Academy.

Alison doubled down on her efforts to pass her physiological evals, in the process she found ways to process her PTSD, so in her own way, she might have won her battle. But the DFS accomplished what they wanted, a stable pilot.

Alison met Gable and Gavin Anderson on the DFS Hitachi. Gable was a Special Armored Division Test Pilot. A program that Alison wanted to get into, but she could not pass the instructor's evaluations. Another reason she learned to hate them.

Alison was forced to pilot small support crafts, or starships. They did not want to see her on the front lines. They were afraid that she would be a liability. Despite her slow start on the Hitachi, she made her way up the ranks to Lieutenant, and Chief Helmsman of the DFS Hitachi.
Alison on the DFS Hitachi took place in the war of 4562. The Hitachi took part in the war caused by the Lowell Group and a faction of the DFS Admiralty. A coupe and civil war broke out. The DFS Hitachi was destroyed during the conflict, but Alison, Gavin and Gable were able to escape. Alison and Gavin left the DFS after this incident, and returned to the rim, while Gable was reassigned.
Battle of Altair VI
During an incident in Altair VI, the DFS Lavie responded to hostile situations. During that incident, Gable and his unit were sent out to defend the Lavie, and to put a stop to the crisis. Even though the mission was a success, Gable lost his life during the event.

News of Gable’s death reached the Outer Rim. There was a will and last testament of Gable, and he trusted Alison with completing his requests. One of Gable’s requests was for Gavin and Alison to come back to the DFS and help restore peace in the galaxy. He knew that with his loss, the DFS would probably pull back the SAD Units from the Outer Rim. They needed a voice and with his loss, he wanted that voice to come from Alison.

Alison felt pressured to come back, she could deny her friend’s last request, but if she did, what type of friend would she be? After a long talk with Gavin, she decided to take transport to meet up with her Mother, and get reinstated as an officer in the DFS. She did not go alone, Gavin and their child went as well.
Life on the Rim, retirement from Delta Forces Services.
Alison had a hard time putting her life behind with Delta Forces. She could not believe how corrupt the DFS had become, and the loss of life amongst its members. She could not believe that a coup happened.

Alison and Gavin were already dating, when she decided to leave the Delta Forces Services. Shortly after she left, she learned she was pregnant with their child. Alison was not sure if he left, to be with her or the child.

Alison gave birth to their baby girl in 4563, on her homeworld. Her Father and Step Mother were pleased. And loved the girl, with big open arms. Her father and her reconcile their differences. He was happy to see Alison more stable, and back away from the corruption of the DFS. He had a feeling that’s what happened to Mary, she got caught up in the corruption.

Admiral Kilgore was furious, when she learned that her daughter left the service, and returned back to the outer rim. She went back to Alison’s home world, and demanded that Alison rejoin, and that the DFS can help her raise her child, she regrets not taking Alison with her.

Alison and her father Viggo, were furious that she would have the nerve to show up and demand that Alison rejoin. Mary, her biological mother, tried to tell her that she had a destiny, a plan, a vision with the DFS and that she was only rotting her life away in the outer rim.

Alison stood her ground, and her mother left upset. This was the only time they have spoken. Since 4562. She had never met Gavin or her granddaughter.

Alison became a hired privateer. She would only do legitimate work, she had a daughter now. And a livin boyfriend. That wanted to marry her, but she did not want to get married. Mainly because of what her mother did to her and her father. She still had some “Mommy issues.” To work out inside of her.
Command of the DFS Phoenix.

Service Record 4566 -Present
DFS Phoenix
Commanding Officer

4558 - 4562
DFS Hitachi
Chief of Security

4554 - 4558
DFS Academy
Security Division